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Congratulations to the 2007 dyNASTY Champion Micanopy Mudslides!

dyNASTY Schedule
Week 16 Scores
Metuchen Lo-Riders 107.50 Micanopy Mudslides 124.44
Brentwood Beavers 62.84 County Hell Hooligans 93.46

Click Here to view the Playoff Bracket for the 2007 season!


4/23/06 -- In case anyone missed it, here are the critical deadlines for this offseason that were posted on the forums a while back. Everyone is all paid for season 2 so keep up the good work meeting those deadlines! Remember that there are no exceptions for missing these dates so I recommend getting stuff in early and you can always edit it up to the deadline.

9/19/05 -- Added the Scoring History link over on the left side of the page. It gives a recap of each individual player's (and the entire team's) fantasy points each week of the year, as well as their total points and average points. Also changed the link "Weekly Stats" to read "Player Stats" so it's more intuitive.

9/10/05 -- Added a few new links/stats over on the left side of the page. More to come soon as well. Also note that there's a post about how you can get live scoring working in the forums.

The following deadlines are approaching:

August 18 -- 20 player roster limit (excluding declared developmental players)
August 25 -- 19 player roster limit (excluding declared developmental players)
September 1st -- 18 player roster limit (excluding declared developmental players)

Penalty for missing these deadlines is a fine of 1 DD per player over the limit per day.

September 1st -- Contracts. All players on a team's roster (excluding developmental players) must have a contract assigned to them.

Penalty for missing this deadline is a fine of 2 DD per day.

7/16/05 -- Schedule for the 2005 season is up. To check it out just click on the schedule link on the left side of the page. You can view it by week or by team.

5/15/05 -- Draft starts today at 4pm EST. Be ready!

5/1/05 -- Added a shoutbox, that thing you see over there on the right side. Also working on a script that will show the most recent forum activity on this page.

4/27/05 -- Lots of updates. All rosters and dynasty dollars pages are now up and running. Also everyone has been given their initial allottment of Dynasty Dollars and there is some important info posted in the draft forum.

4/18/05 -- Tons of important information posted in the "Announcements" section of the forums including the draft date. Make sure and head over there and check it out ASAP please.

4/3/05 -- An official signup thread is up in the forums, if you would like to officially sign up simply post in that thread with your team name in the format shown at the start of the thread. Also some new topics for discussion have emerged such as the division breakdown and rookies.

3/27/05 -- After you read through the rules, please head over to the forums so that you can contribute to the discussions of the issues that are still open. Even if you're not sure if you're going to join or not yet there's no sense being left out in case you do end up joining in the future.

3/26/05 -- Welcome to the Fantasy Football Champions dyNASTY league (name still up in the air)! As you can see, the site is still in a basic state. I will be updating things as we go along here in the offseason. For now, the Rules section is up, read through that and make sure you understand everything. From there, head on over to the forums to clear up any questions you have about the rules, as well as give your opinions on some of the issues still up for discussion.


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