Avoiding the issue we had last year, in the future

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Avoiding the issue we had last year, in the future

Post by Free Bagel » Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:21 pm

So I think everyone knows what I'm talking about here, we had a situation come up where something came up that did not have a resolution posted specifically in the rules, and to complicate things more it involved my team. So here is my proposal for how we should approach this in the future.

Anything that falls outside the bounds of the rules and is not explicitly covered by it (there's no way to cover anything) would just default to me. You guys will just have to trust that I have the league's best interests at heart (all I want is for things to run smoothly), and trust my judgement on these types of things.

In addition, I would like to have a "backup commissioner" for which these decisions would instead fall to if my team was involved in the dispute. That would be their only responsibility as "backup commissioner".

Likewise, I'd like to have a third backup for the decision to fall to if the dispute involved both my team and the backup commissioner's team.

I expect these situations to be extremely, extremely rare and have been working to try and tie up all loose ends in the rules, but there's no way I can think of everything and one of these years something else is bound to pop up.

Unless anyone has any major objections, I'll put this up for a vote after coming up with a backup and third commissioner.
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Post by UNDFTD » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:06 pm

My main league uses an ethics committee. 1 owner representing each division. Commish doesn't qualify as a member. We discuss then vote. majority rules.

I would hate to make up rules midseason tough.

If people aren't comfortable with 1 person making the call. Maybe this ethics committee is the way to go.

But I would like to nominate myself as 2nd commish.
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