2018 RFA Now Open, Read this First!

Bid on restricted free agents during the alloted time here
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2018 RFA Now Open, Read this First!

Post by Free Bagel » Sat May 23, 2015 11:50 pm

Restricted free agency for 2018 is now open, you may proceed with the bidding in this forum. For RFA bidding rules please see section 3C of the rules. The RFA period will last exactly three weeks from today, closing on June 23rd at 11:59pm EST. Please remember to follow the format for the title of the thread when you open a new bidding of:

Player Name - Position, dyNASTY team (that's the team that they were previously on in this league, not the NFL team they're on like you would do with normal free agent bidding).

So an example would be:
Dan Marino - QB, Mudslides

Lastly, remember that for your transition players you have 24 hours to post that you're matching the bid (that's 24 hours from the time the bid ends, not the time that I post it's over so make sure you follow the bidding on your transition players). As usual, I will try and post a reminder when you can transition players but there are no guarantees that I'll be able to do it in time. You are responsible for tracking your own transition players and taking note of when the bid closes via no new bids in the last 48 hours. When you see a bid open on your transition player, KEEP TABS ON IT!!

There is a link to all players eligible for RFA off the main page.

Have at it!
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