2007 Preseason Team Rankings

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2007 Preseason Team Rankings

Post by Free Bagel » Tue Sep 04, 2007 9:14 pm

Here we are again folks, time for some football and some meaningless preseason rankings. As usual don’t take these to heart as we all know how little preseason rankings mean. For proof of that just look back to last year’s. Also as usual feel free to rip these things apart.

Also note that a few of the rosters might be a few days out of date as I didn't write these things all at once.

Micanopy Mudslides
QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Jason Campbell
RB: Steven Jackson, Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson, Samkon Gado, DeDe Dorsey
WR: Randy Moss, Donald Driver, Donte Stallworth, Greg Jennings, DJ Hackett, Jacoby Jones
TE: Antonio Gates, Tony Scheffler
K: Nate Kaeding, Ryan Longwell
Def: Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Ben Roethlisberger
RB: Steven Jackson
RB: Clinton Portis
WR: Randy Moss
WR: Donald Driver
FLEX: Reggie Bush
TE: Antonio Gates
K: Nate Kaeding
Def: Chicago Bears

Present: B+
This is a really tough team to predict. How is Clinton Portis’ knee? How is Donald Driver’s shoulder? How will Moss and Stallworth do in NE? Will ADP contribute this year? So many guys that could light the league on fire, or just as easily fall flat on their face. QB will be viewed as a weakness for this team but I’m pretty high on Roethlisberger. RB has good depth, but also some question marks although whatever your feelings are on Reggie Bush, it’s hard not to like him as a #3 RB and flex player. WR is the big question mark once again this year, and has been the true bane of this team thusfar in the league and especially last year when Jackson and Betts were lighting things up down the stretch. The WR production from this team last year may have been the worst single season production I’ve seen out of that position in my history of playing fantasy football, and given that (while there were certainly some pretty big changes) the overhaul at the position is not as all-inclusive as one might expect. Driver should add some stability with a handful of successful years in a row and Stallworth/Jennings/Hackett could produce some nice weeks, but once again the team will rely on former early 2nd round pick Randy Moss to finally give something back for that high draft pick and he is 0 for 2 so far in that category. It is also worth noting that the team’s top 4 WRs come from only two teams, which could cause some problems on bye weeks. Everywhere else the team is super-solid. Having Gates overlooked is a large advantage often overlooked when comparing rosters, and the Bears defense returns most of their key cogs from the team that was so dominant there much of last year.

Future: A+
Down slightly from last year as there is little longterm future at WR, but still once again some great studly youth at the RB position can’t be beat in a dynasty league and this team has a lot of them. Oh yeah, and then there’s that Gates guy. Given that I said last year he should spend a good 8 more years at or near the top of the TE ranks, it looks like he’s got 7 more to go. Can’t hate that.

Overall: A
I’m not really one to predict injuries much, and with a healthy Portis in the 2nd year of an Al Saunders offense and I think this team is tough to beat. Knock off Portis and this immediately drops to the B to B+ range and relies heavily and Randy Moss making a comeback.

Best Move: Acquiring Driver to add some stability at WR
Worst Move: Losing Betts hurts

Overall Rank: 4

Brentwood Beavers
QB: Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Mike Vick
RB: Cadillac Williams, Tatum Bell, Kevin Jones, Mike Bell, Michael Bush
WR: Torry Holt, Marques Colston, Hines Ward, Eddie Kennison, Ernest Wilford, Brandon Jones, Steve Smith (NYG)
TE: Ben Troupe, Jerramy Stevens, Owen Daniels
K: David Akers, Olindo Mare
Def: Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Peyton Manning
RB: Cadillac Williams
RB: Tatum Bell
WR: Torry Holt
WR: Marques Colston
TE: Ben Troupe
FLEX: Hines Ward
K: David Akers
Def: Denver Broncos

Present: C+
Stud QB. Stud WR1. Stud WR2. Great start, but beyond that we run into some trouble. Thus far they have not. This team is fresh off the heals of the Boldin/MB3 for Holt/2008 pick trade, which makes sense in a vacuum with Holt’s studly status, the likelihood of the acquired pick being high, and the contract issue dodged by moving Boldin (who had the same contract length as Caddy). However, this formerly RB thin team is now nearly RB deprived. Caddy is coming off an awful year, and there are tons of question marks in Detroit. That’s also ignoring that fact that really an even absolute best case scenario gives this team two starting RBs. Luckily with three solid WRs Ward can be started in the flex spot, but what happens to RB2 on bye weeks? And heaven forbid what happens if Caddy or Tater, who both seem to get nicked up quite a bit, get hurt? Barring any WW steals we could see this team starting a RB looking at ~5 touches per game (if Henry holds down the job in Denver) at the RB spot 5 or 6 times this year. I know Kensat has a yet unrevealed master plan that’s going to make this paragraph look silly when looking back on it. But while Peyton/Holt/Colston is a great combo, even if they keep up last year’s PPG numbers (which were on the high end for all of them so I would say they’re much more likely to go down than up) we’re looking at around 40 PPG between the three of them, and I’m just not seeing anywhere near 50-60 additional points coming out of the rest of this lineup. I’m thinking Beavertown made this trade either with the intention of moving Peyton for a RB, or playing for ’08 when KJ should be healthy again and the team will have potentially added a top RB with the acquired rookie pick. But that’s just pure sportswriter conjecture at this point.

Future: C+
Last year I said, and I quote “The Beavers went into last season relying on some very young RBs to carry them or fall, and after falling last year the Beavers are in the same predicament this year.” Well, here we are another year later, and another let-down later. While these guys certainly appear to have lots of talent, one wonders how long we can view them as simple up and comers before finally writing them off, especially considering there are less of them this year. Peyton and Colston going forward in the long-term and Holt for another 3-4 years is great, and the RBs being young is great. But the lack of a single sure-fire RB option going forward hurts…a lot.

Overall: C+
This team was such a force down the stretch last year, and it certainly has the potential to do the same again. However too much of that is potential for my taste, and too much of that potential comes from guys who have a history of letting down.

Best Move: Tatum for 3dd is holding this team afloat right now
Worst Move: Got taken in that Olindo Mare blockbuster!

Overall Rank: 10

Hollywood Hookers
QB: Carson Palmer, Matt Schaub
RB: Larry Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Chris Brown, Anthony Thomas, Kenny Irons
WR: Plaxico Burress, Vincent Jackson, Devery Henderson, Chad Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Devin Hester
TE: Randy McMichael
K: Jeff Wilkins
Def: San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Carson Palmer
RB: Larry Johnson
RB: Rudi Johnson
WR: Plaxico Burress
WR: Vincent Jackson
TE: Randy McMichael
K: Jeff Wilkins
Def: San Diego Chargers

Present: B-
Fantasy football is a fickle game, and the Hookers are proof of that. Here we had a team that won the inaugural dyNASTY championship and then appeared to only get better heading into year 2. In spite of that the team went from top of the league to top of the rookie draft (after no longer having the draft pick no less). Now things look scarier than ever. Larry Johnson, the guy who carried the team to a championship and held the battered team together last year, has a ton of question marks. A big dropoff from Larry Johnson puts this team out of contention in a heartbeat, and the team has no WRs that put up 1000 yards last year and is really caught starting a good WR2 as their WR1, and is left without any real WR2’s. On the bright side Carson Palmer is as good as it gets outside of Peyton these days and Rudi Johnson is probably the most dependable RB2 in the league, and would likely be a RB1 on many dyNASTY teams. Jamal Lewis’ change of scenery could help too.

Future: B
Like with the present, this hinges mostly on LJ. Rudi and Carson are solid with few question marks going forward, and having that pair alongside an LJ that keeps producing like he has would be a good combo going forward the next 3-4 years even if the rest of the team looks kind of piecemealed together.

Overall: B-
Any week that LJ/Carson/Rudi combine for less than 50 points this team is in serious trouble. That’s a pretty big number for 3 guys to put up each and every week.

Best Move: Finally added a TE
Worst Move: Had a plethora of DDs and still let the WR situation slip to its current condition.

Overall Rank: 7

Metuchen Lo-Riders
QB: Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Daunte Culpepper, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Stanton
RB: Joseph Addai, DeAngelo Williams, Fred Taylor, Deshaun Foster, Dominic Rhodes, Brian Leonard
WR: Terrell Owens, Isaac Bruce, Joe Horn, Drew Bennett, Troy Williamson, Brandon Lloyd, Santonio Holmes
TE: Tony Gonzalez, Ben Watson
K: Shayne Graham, John Kasay
Def: New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Eli Manning
RB: Joseph Addai
RB: DeAngelo Williams
WR: Terrell Owens
WR: Isaac Bruce
TE: Tony Gonzalez
K: Shayne Graham
Def: New England Patriots

Present: B-
Lots of potential, but also lots of question marks and a couple holes here. Addai looks primed and ready for a top 10 season, and that Portis trade looks like it could work out nicely for the lowriders. The 2nd RB spot with the Carolina RBs and Taylor should be fillable, but it might be tough to get the right guy in there on the right week. WRs are okay, propped up by Owens and Gonzo is still dependable at TE. Eli is an okay starter at QB, but for that cost this team has put into the QB position it’s not as solid as one might like.

Future: C
Addai and DeAngelo should provide a bright future at RB, though DeAngelo is going to need to live up to his potential for that. Elsewhere things start getting shakier. No depth at RB past this year most likely with Taylor getting pretty old and the WRs are ancient.

Overall: C+
If Addai isn’t all he’s supposed to be, this team is dead. If he is, they’ve got a shot to contend for the next couple years.

Best Move: Was able to re-sign Fred Taylor for cheap cheap cheap
Worst Move: You stole my handcuff you jerk

Overall Rank: 9

Toronto Mookies
QB: Phillip Rivers, Steve Mcnair, Chad Pennington, Andrew Walter
RB: Edgerrin James, Thomas Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, Kevan Barlow, Lorenzo Booker
WR: Marvin Harrison, Larry Fitzgerald, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Anthony Gonzalez
TE: Jason Witten, Greg Olsen
K: Matt Stover, Josh Brown
Def: Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Phillip Rivers
RB: Edgerrin James
RB: Thomas Jones
WR: Marvin Harrison
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Jason Witten
FLEX: Maurice Jones-Drew
K: Matt Stover
Def: Jacksonville Jaguars

Present: A
The league champs come back with no major changes except the slight present-day download of Owens to Housh. This team is solid from top to bottom. Middle of the road QB and TE, but a solid RB core and perhaps the studliest WR corps in the league. A lot of teams are looking at starting longshots at the flex spot, but this team will not only start what looks to be a stud in that spot on normal weeks, but even on bye weeks Housh will step into that spot nicely. A QB upgrade would be nice, but it’s only a luxury here. Nothing not to like about this team for this year except perhaps the lack of a studly top 5 type RB.

Future: C+
The Owens to Housh move hurt a little bit in the present, but should provide a lot of long-term relief because Housh is much younger and also helps Mookie avoid what looked to be a nightmarish contract situation at the end of the year with Harrison, Owens, and Edge all on the same contract. Fitz, MJD, and Housh are nice and young but guys start getting old pretty quickly after that. Harrison and Edge, while not showing big signs of slowing down (though it’s usually a pretty quick process without many visible warnings), could drop off at any minute now and TJ may not be far behind. Perhaps worse though is the contract mess that Mookie will have to wade through the next couple years with Harrison/Edge having theirs expire at the end of the year and then MJD/Fitz/Rivers/Witten’s all expiring the year after that.

Overall: B+
I think most have known what they were getting with Mookie’s team for a while now. Good looking present, bleak looking future and Mookie has said he has no problem with taking that approach and dealing with the future when it arrives. It’s gotten him one league championship and most of his key cogs still have something left in the tank.

Best Move: The Housh trade, while a bit of a loss value-wise, was good for this team.
Worst Move: Wouldn’t match the RFA bid on the Ravens D for 9dd, and then spent 8dd on a bunch of other D’s

Overall Rank: 1

Colombia Dealers
QB: Marc Bulger, David Carr, J.P. Losman, Brady Quinn
RB: Frank Gore, Willis Mcgahee, Ronnie Brown, Domanick Williams, Wali Lundy, Sammy Morris
WR: Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, Chris Chambers, Terry Glenn, Bernard Berrian, Patrick Crayton, Dwayne Bowe, Reche Caldwell, Keenan McCardell, Craig Davis
TE: Jeremy Shockey, Heath Miller
K: Lawrence Tynes
Def: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns

Projected Starting Lineups
QB: Marc Bulger
RB: Frank Gore
RB: Willis McGahee
WR: Chad Johnson
WR: Roy Williams
TE: Jeremy Shockey
FLEX: Ronnie Brown
K: Lawrence Tynes
Def: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Present: A
Stud QB? Check. Stud big-scoring RB? Check. Reliable RB2? Check. Stud WR? Check. Stud WR? Check (yes I meant to say that twice) Top TE? Check. Solid depth? Check. The only thing possible not to like here is that after their top 3 RBs there’s not anything behind it. Outside of that there’s little that can stop this team. If Bulger goes down there’s a good backup in Losman. If Shockey goes down Miller steps in. If Chambers sucks again Glenn is still a good WR3 and if a RB goes down (or just ends up sucking in the case of Brown) a WR can step into the flex spot. The big hit here is that the Dealers have virtually no room to work with in terms of contract space or dynasty dollars to work with throughout the year.

Future: A
Pretty much right down the list, all those good players are also young. Everyone one of those starters should be around for years to come. The only thing keeping this below an A+ is that there’s a bit of a contract issue with CJ and Roy as well as Shockey and Ronnie Brown.

Overall: A
A bunch of guys that are already great and are young to boot. There’s not much more to say about it than that.

Best Move: Getting rid of some of those draft picks with an already young team.
Worst Move: But still spending in FA for developmental players beyond the number you can roster and leaving none for FAs during the year.

Overall Rank: 2

Bangkok Wangs
QB: Tom Brady, Byron Leftwhich
RB: Julius Jones, Marion Barber III, Warrick Dunn, Reuben Droughns, LenDale White, Chris Henry, Greg Jones, Kenneth Darby
WR: Anquan Boldin, Michael Clayton, Deion Branch, Matt Jones
TE: Dallas Clark, Bo Scaife
K: Jason Elam
Def: Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Tom Brady
RB: Warrick Dunn
RB: Julius Jones
WR: Anquan Boldin
WR: Deion Branch
TE: Dallas Clark
FLEX: Marion Barber III
K: Jason Elam
Def: Baltimore Ravens

Present: D+
This team kind of mirrors the Beavers (ironic since the two teams just traded with each other) in that they are in a good spot at QB and WR (at least as far as starters go), but are hurting at RB. However, Brady is not quite Peyton, Boldin is not quite Holt, and Branch is not quite Colston. It will be interesting to see how this trade shakes out. It’s tough to give up Holt, but this team may still be a few years away and Boldin will still be in his prime at that point while Holt may not be. What this team really needs is one of Barber/JJ to take hold of the Dallas RB job by themself and the other guy to move on to another team with a chance to play there (although there’s a chance that both Dallas RBs end up startable even with both in Dallas). A Brandon Jacobs injury wouldn’t hurt either though, and neither would White/Henry taking hold of the Titans RB situation. In spite of having no sure starter at RB, this team might just have enough “maybe” type of guys to fill those two starting RB spots. Only time will tell. There wasn’t much to work with with what was left of this team but things appear to be moving in the right direction.

Future: C+
Brady and Boldin should be strongeholds for a long time. If any of the RBs can step up most of them are pretty young as well. There is not much age on this team so the future looks brighter than the present.

Overall: C
If no RBs step up this team is in big trouble, especially with no 2008 draft pick.

Best Move: Dunn and Droughns signings were necessary.
Worst Move: Having the Ravens D is nice, but given the RB woes I think I would’ve preferred the DDs go towards re-signing Morency.

Overall Rank: 12

Isidoros Strength
QB: Vince Young, Jeff Garcia
RB: Willie Parker, Chester Taylor, Leon Washington, Ladell Betts, Antonio Pittman
WR: Andre Johnson, Laveraneus Coles, Joey Galloway, Mark Clayton, Mike Furrey, Bryant Johnson
TE: Alge Crumpler, Alex Smith, Visante Shiancoe
K: Adam Vinatieri, Stephen Gostowski
Def: Pittsburgh Steelers

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Vince Young
RB: Willie Parker
RB: Ladell Betts
WR: Andre Johnson
WR: Laveraneus Coles
TE: Alge Crumpler
FLEX: Joey Galloway
K: Adam Vinatieri
Def: Pittsburgh Steelers

Present: C
This team has some solid players on it, but I’m really having trouble putting this ranking any higher with the situation at the RB spot. This team really doesn’t have a second running back. Once you get past Parker, Chester is the only other RB who’s not a straight up backup and most feel that won’t last long either. And heaven forbid Willie Parker gets hurt, then it’s time to welcome Darren McFadden to the Isidoros Strength. This teams is counting on injuries to other players just to fill out the RB2 spot in its starting lineup. Vince Young looked great last year but is a pretty risky option with only Garcia behind him. The WRs are ok but unspectacular, not nearly making up for the deficiencies at the RB position. That said, it seems like I see holes in the Strength lineup every year and they always manage to scrap together a better season than I predicted, so never count this team out.

Future: C+
The main cogs of this team (Parker, Young, AJ) are young, but there’s still no long-term solution at RB unless Betts/Washington get lucky and land a starting gig. RBs do tend to pop up in the longterm, and the Strength need to make sure they end up with the next big thing.

Overall: C
I really really hope the Strength have a bad season. I say this because if the Strength have a good season it probably means that I’ve had a bad season since he owns the handcuffs to half my RB roster. I’m sure Romulan will scrap together a season that surprises us all like it seems he always manages to do.

Best Move: That Ladell Betts signing could end up the type of homerun that he needs
Worst Move: You have all my handcuffs asshole ;)

Overall Rank: 11

Boston Stranglers
QB: Drew Brees, Donovan Mcnabb, Alex Smith
RB: Shaun Alexander, Laurence Maroney, T.J. Duckett, Maurice Morris, Najeh Davenport, Sammy Morris
WR: Steve Smith, Santana Moss, Kevin Curtis, Jericho Cotchery
TE: Chris Cooley, Marcedes Lewis
K: Robbie Gould
Def: Green Bay Packers, New York Jets

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Drew Brees
RB: Shaun Alexander
RB: Laurence Maroney
WR: Steve Smith
WR: Santana Moss
TE: Chris Cooley
FLEX: Kevin Curtis
K: Robbie Gould
Def: Green Bay Packers

Present: B+
Like many teams the Stranglers are very thin at RB, without a true RB3. That and perhaps a similar issue at WR2 are the things keeping this team from getting an A here. This team definitely has a handful of playmakers at both starting RB spots, QB, and WR1. The QB situation is particularly interesting with two guys that are both liable to explode most weeks. We’ve all heard of playing matchups with QBs, but I think all of us would like to do it with this pair.

Future: B
Alexander will be gone soon leaving Maroney, Smith, and the QBs as the main guys going forward. Certainly a solid group but nothing too spectacular. Again, like most teams this squad would like to have another young RB or two going forward and will have to get into the battle of finding the next one to pop up. I’m assuming the QB pair won’t stay together for long, especially with Alex Smith on the team as well.

Overall: B+
This is a team that will once again be in the hunt this year, and I don’t see that changing in the immediate future, although it will be difficult to replace Alexander.

Best Move: Handcuffing Alexander and Maroney since there are no other startable RBs on this team.
Worst Move: Kevin Curtis isn’t exactly the best franchise player (now with a huge contract) we’ve seen.

Overall Rank: 5

County Hell Hooligans
QB: Matt Hasselbeck, Trent Green
RB: Ladainian Tomlinson, Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Jacobs, Michael Turner
WR: Darrell Jackson, Wes Welker, Jerry Porter, Amani Toomer, Derrick Mason, Reggie Williams
TE: Todd Heap, Eric Johnson
K: Mike Nugent, Jay Feely
Def: New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Matt Hasselbeck
RB: Ladainian Tomlinson
RB: Brandon Jacobs
WR: Darrell Jackson
WR: Jerry Porter
TE: Todd Heap
FLEX: Marshawn Lynch
K: Mike Nugent
Def: Indianapolis Colts

Present: B
Solid QB, solid RB core including the FF Messiah himself, Top TE……..but a-w-f-u-l looking WRs. Darrell Jackson was quietly a top 5 PPG WR last year but I don’t expect that to carry over to SF and the rest of the WRs are really, really hurting. The RBs are good, one of the few teams that looks like it will be able to start a RB in the flex (and with those WRs that’s a very good thing), but I’m not expecting LT to duplicate his 30TD season. Still, you can never count out a team with LT.

Future: B+
If you could guarantee me that Lynch and Jacobs were not going to bust this ranking would go up some. There is a lot of youth at RB and this team will likely add another young starting RB next year with Turner likely grabbing a starting gig. If Jacobs and Lynch don’t bust this team could be heading forward with 4 solid starting RBs, or maybe move one for an upgrade at the WR spot.

Overall: B
Very weak at WR, fine at QB, very good at TE, and potentially very deep at RB. I’m just really stuck going higher as I didn’t think any team’s WRs could be hurting more than mine were last year, but these guys have the potential to rival that this year. Even though the CJ trade kind of put him in this spot, it was still kind of necessary for this team to add a RB in the short-term.

Best Move: Djax was a bargain
Worst Move: Signing all those basement WRs rather than just signing another good one

Overall Rank: 6

Dallas WarDawgs
QB: Jake Delhomme, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell
RB: Cedric Benson, Ahman Green, LaMont Jordan, Vernand Morency, Brandon Jackson, Noah Herron, Michael Robinson
WR: Lee Evans, Reggie Brown, Calvin Johnson, Muhsin Muhammad, Sidney Rice
TE: L.J. Smith, Vernon Davis
K: Neil Rackers, Olindo Mare
Def: Dallas Cowboys

Projected Starting Lineup
QB: Matt Leinart
RB: Cedric Benson
RB: Ahman Green
WR: Lee Evans
WR: Reggie Brown
TE: L.J. Smith
FLEX: LaMont Jordan
K: Neil Rackers
Def: Dallas Cowboys

Present: B-
With the addition of the Green Bay RBs this team does have some depth at RB, but all the depth is really just a bunch of mediocre guys. I don’t really see any studs or even potential studs in the group. The WRs are the opposite, not very deep but with one stud in Evans and another potential one in CJ. The rest of the team should hold up fine as well.

Future: B-
Ahman and Jordan won’t be starting much longer, which kind of cancels out the potential big boost that CJ could give. Still though, Evans/CJ could be a monster combo if CJ works out and Leinart looks like he could be pretty good longterm.

Overall: B-
Pretty much straight down the list (especially this year) the team has a bunch of guys that look good or ok, but not great. CJ could fill that gap long-term and I suppose some believe Benson could be that guy as well, however I am not one of them. He should get the ball plenty however, which is half the battle in a league like this.

Best Move: Adding the GB running backs helped with depth a ton
Worst Move: I was never a fan of the Jamarcus pick even before the holdout

Overall Rank: 8

Columbus Capacitors
QB: Jon Kitna, Rex Grossman, Brett Favre
RB: Brian Westbrook, Travis Henry, Deuce McAllister, Jerious Norwood, Ron Dayne, Priest Holmes, Tony Hunt
WR: Javon Walker, Reggie Wayne, Braylon Edwards, Dwayne Jarrett
TE: Kellen Winslow Jr, Desmond Clark
K: Josh Scobee, Jason Hanson
Def: Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs

QB: Jon Kitna
RB: Brian Westbrook
RB: Travis Henry
WR: Javon Walker
WR: Reggie Wayne
TE: Kellen Winslow Jr.
FLEX: Deuce McAllister
K: Josh Scobee
Def: Seattle Seahawks

Present: A-
The Capacitors have been a mainstay in the playoffs and that doesn’t look to change this year. This team is pretty good at every position. Kitna has emerged as a good starting QB and Favre should provide some nice relief as a backup while the RBs are at least 3 deep, and potentially 4 deep with many people high on Norwood this year. If Henry explodes like many expect he and Westbrook should form a nice duo when they’re in there, though that seems to be the potential issue with both (due to injuries with Westbrook and Shanahan with Henry). Walker and Wayne form a nice duo at WR and Edwards has great upside as a #3 WR, but there is little else behind them. The soldier looks like the real deal at TE as well, and Deuce makes a solid RB3.

Future: B+
Henry and Deuce aren’t young, but they’ve got a couple years left in them. A big issue here is the contract situation with Walker/Henry potentially becoming RFA’s together, though it appears Flux may end up trading one before that happens. The rest of the team is plenty young, though Kitna should fall off a bit if/when Martz heads out of town. There don’t look to be any immediate losses to this team due to age.

Overall: B+
Solid at every starting position and with pretty good depth to back it up. Nothing not to like here.

Best Move: Favre makes a much more reliable backup than Grossman
Worst Move: Not really any big moves to comment on

Overall Ranking: 3

Summary of Overall Rankings
1. Toronto Mookies
2. Colombia Dealers
3. Columbus Capacitors
4. Micanopy Mudslides
5. Boston Stranglers
6. County Hell Hooligans
7. Hollywood Hookers
8. Dallas WarDawgs
9. Metuchen Lo-Riders
10. Brentwood Beavers
11. Isidoros Strength
12. Bangkok Wangs

Division Rankings
1. International (3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th)
2. United (1st, 2nd, 11th, 12th)
3. National (4th, 7th, 9th, 10th)

Division Winners:
National: Mudslides
United: Mookies
International: Capacitors

1. Dealers
2. Stranglers
3. Hooligans

-Last year 4 of 6 playoff teams were predicted correctly, missing the Beavers (had Hookers) and Capacitors (had Hooligans)
-Each of the 1st two years in the league the playoffs have consisted of two teams from each division
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Post by UNDFTD » Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:15 am

FU :!: FB, you don't know what the hell you are talking about :evil:
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Post by Bonzai » Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:38 am

great read, solid analysis as always.

i like the dealers this year.
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Post by Flux » Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:39 am

I think Hanson will be my kicker over Scobee. Please rewrite all rankings :P

Good read as usual.

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Post by Mookie4ever » Wed Sep 05, 2007 10:24 am

Getting a good ranking by FB is the kiss of death. Dude, why the hate??? :evil:

Good read as usual. Goo Cardinals!
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Post by ShoelessJoe » Thu Sep 06, 2007 12:00 pm

Good read. And my money's on Mookie this year. He has too much depth with MJD and Housh to switch off in that flex spot.
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So does that mean no annual Dealers/Mookies draft pick trade?
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Post by Mookie4ever » Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:41 pm

Free Bagel wrote:So does that mean no annual Dealers/Mookies draft pick trade?
Good point - I'm game. Dealers, want to trade draft picks?
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