2008 Preseason Rankings in Review

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2008 Preseason Rankings in Review

Post by Free Bagel » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:27 pm

2008-2009 Rankings in Review

As you know, every year I release some typically inaccurate and off-base preseason rankings. Don't worry, I'll still be throwing them out there for everyone to prove my lack of pyschic ability this year as well, but first I thought we'd start something new, and take a look back at 2008's rankings and see how they turned out. So, let's begin, going team by team and picking apart my projections.

Here is the link to the 2008 rankings, if you'd like to see what I had specifically to say about each team: viewtopic.php?t=2053

Micanopy Mudslides
2008 Present Ranking: A+
2008 Future Ranking: A+
2008 Overall Ranking: A+
2008 Predicted Finish: 1
2008 Actual Finish: 2

What I said in 2008: Everyone will not work out, but there are enough cogs here to carry this team to another championship even if all of them don't.

This prediction was hit and miss. The Mudslides DID finish up 2008 with a lead in the championship game headed into the overtime period of the last NFL game that counted, and DID finish 2nd overall which is much better than any previous #1 ranked preseason team has done. On the flipside, the Mudslides supposedly unbeatable team featured a paultry 7-6 regular season record, barely squeezing out a wild-card berth to make the playoffs.

The Mudslides made a big trade mid-season to make a push in 2008, acquiring both Brian Westbrook to make a push in 2008 and a future first rounder to protect their future, while giving up a valuable young RB in Marshawn Lynch. Westbrook proved very valuable in getting the team into the playoffs by single-handidly winning the team's last few regular season games, but let down in the actual playoffs. The team was hurt badly by injuries to Steven Jackson and Tom Brady (which drastically affected Randy Moss). Without these injuries, this team would have seen a huge improvement, but injuries are part of the game and we've seen many dyNASTY teams go through much worse injury trouble and still be successful.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Acquiring Chester Taylor as a handcuff
Result: Adrian Peterson remained healthy all year and Taylor never started a game for the Mudslides. Still though, at the cheap price it was probably worth it for the cheap security.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: Spending so much cash on Hasselbeck and being left without enough to field a full squad of backups
Result: This was basically prophetic. Hasselbeck was worthless in 2008, while at the same time the Mudslides were badly hurt by the lack of dynasty dollars they were left with. The Hoplites pick that was offered for the same DD amount as the Hasselbeck bid (which the Mudslides were presumably choosing between) ended up being Kevin Smith, who ended up infinitely more valuable than Hasselbeck.

Rating for my 2008 Prediction: A
It looks bad at first glance with the Hasselbeck money crippling the team, and with a meager 7-6 regular season record, but this team was an overtime debacle away from winning another dyNASTY championship. A lot of crazy stuff can happen in fantasy football, so the #1 ranked team finishing 2nd and only missing the championship by an overtime field goal in the last NFL game that counts is as close as it gets without actually coming true.

Brentwood Beavers
2008 Present Ranking: C
2008 Future Ranking: B-
2008 Overall Ranking: C+
2008 Predicted Finish: 9
2008 Actual Finish: 5

What I said in 2008: I've quoted this the last couple years for the Beavers, and I will do so again. "The Beavers went into last season relying on some very young RBs to carry them or fall, and after falling last year the Beavers are in the same predicament this year." "Well, here we are another year later, and another let-down later." If these RBs ever work out (and they are new faces this year), then lookout for this team.

The Beavers are a funny story. Every year up to 2008 they went into the year with a stud QB and WRs, but question marks at RB that didn't work out. In 2008, the RBs finally worked out, but the WRs failed them (although Lance Moore did provide some big spot games) and Peyton had somewhat of a down year. To be fair, I did say that if the RBs worked out they would have a good team, but I never foresaw them working out as well as they did. The combination of Turner, Stewart, and a plethora of fill-ins that the Beavers wisely picked up during the season carried the sqaud. An unlikely story, the Beavers RBs are what carried them to success in 2008, even though I listed it as their biggest weakness. Yikes...

2008 Best Move Prediction: Getting Turner in trade for a non-starter was a life saver.
Result: Turns out "life-saver" was an understatement. 1700yards and 17 TDs later, Turner was the biggest reason for this team's success in 2008.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: Lots of cheap players added in the offseason, rather than adding a few difference makers.
Result: I could not have been more wrong here. The Beavers brilliantly controlled the FA pool all season long, finding cheap fill-in studs like Mewelde Moore and Darren Sproles. While it didn't fill the Beavers with much extra value headed into 2009, it was crucial in the Beavers 2008 run and had a role in people spending much more conservatively this offseason.

Rating for my 2008 Prediction: F
I said the QB and WRs would be strong, they were weak. I said the RBs would likely be weak, they ended up being the strongest part of the team. I said they should have spent more in the offseason, but saving DDs in the offseason was a huge part in their 2008 success. I ranked them 9th out of 12 overall, but they ended up winning the toughest division in the league. It's safe to say that I whiffed on this prediction.

Hollywood Hookers
2008 Present Ranking: C+
2008 Future Ranking: C+
2008 Overall Ranking: C+
2008 Predicted Finish: 7
2008 Actual Finish: 12

What I said in 2008: If a few things go right for the Hookers they could find themselves competing for their second title. However, it's going to be a difficult task for those all to go right with nothing else going wrong.

To be fair, I did say that this team would rely on Rudi, LJ, and Palmer all returning to form. None of them did, and the Hookers suffered badly for it. That said, when I made my prediction I figured that at LEAST one of them would have a good season, if not 2, leaving this team middle of the pack. In the end, the Hookers ended up with the #1 draft pick in 2009 in spite of a major breakout by Steve Slaton and a solid year out of Matt Schaub.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Todd Heap could fill a hole that has been a weakness for the Hookers every year in their franchise's history.
Result: Heap was a disapointment, and TE remained a position of weakness for the Hookers.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: While it wasn't technically this year, giving away Jamal Lewis for scraps at the end of last year has potentially left this team crippled at RB.
Result: Lewis ended up having a solid season for a RB2, and the Hookers ended up with a big hole at RB2...

Rating for 2008 Prediction: C
I called it right in that this team would rely on its big three for success, and that giving away Jamal Lewis would be a major blow to the team's chances. Still though, I predicted this team would finish middle of the pack and they finished last, I predicted a resurgance at TE and they ended up with just as much trouble as before, and I thought Chris Brown would be a boon for them and he ended up being a waste of space. In the end, we'll balance it all out for a solid C rating.

Illinois Intimdators
2008 Present Ranking: B
2008 Future Ranking: C
2008 Overall Ranking: C+
2008 Predicted Finish: 6
2008 Actual Finish: 3

What I said in 2008: "I don't see this team making another run to the championship game this year without a key WW addition or two."

What happened in 2008: The 2008 Intimidators ended up up not needing key WW additions, as DeAngelo Williams accounted for about 5 waiver wire studs all by himself. Riding his strong finish and Jay Cutler's strong year the Intimidators, after looking like they might be fighting for the top draft pick, ended up making a run at the championship and finishing in the money for 2008.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Ben Watson came cheap.
Result: He played like a guy that came cheap as well...

2008 Worst Move Prediction: Doc not having a reliable computer
Result: I would say the fans were impressed with a 3rd place finish out of their rookie owner.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: C+
Let's be honest, no one saw that kind of season coming out of DeAngelo Williams. For that reason, we'll bump the prediction up from a C to a C+.

Toronto Mookies
2008 Present Ranking: A-
2008 Future Ranking: C+
2008 Overall Ranking: B
2008 Predicted Finish: 4

What I said in 2008: A solid, above average team. No big holes in their lineup, but some problems with personnel upcoming in the immediate future, particularly at RB. In 2008 though, this is definitely a team that can compete.

In 2007 the Mookies became just another team to follow up their dyNASTY championship with a disappointing season, missing the playoffs entirely. In 2008 they followed that up with......another season missing the playoffs. I thought the Mookies would bounce back strong in 2008, but in the end their strong bounce back ended up sitting in their DP slots for 2/3rds of the season rather than sitting in their starting lineup.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Adding Derek Anderson.
Result: Whoops.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: Still hasn’t done anything to address those steadily aging RBs.
Result: With Fred Taylor leaving town in Jacksonville, MJD joins 2009 rookie standout Chris Johnson to form one of the best young RB duos in the league.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: F
I though this team was going to be a powerhouse in 2008 with a dim future. It turns out they were the complete opposite, a bottom dweller in 2008 with a very bright future. I probably couldn’t have missed this prediction worse if I had tried.

Colombia Dealers
2008 Present Ranking: A-
2008 Future Ranking: A
2008 Overall Ranking: A+
2008 Predicted Finish: 2

What I said in 2008: it’s going to take a catastrophic shift in the fantasy football universe for this team to not be competing for the championship at the end of the year.

The Dealers were one of two teams last year to win their division despite scoring 300 fewer points than the division's second place team. While the Dealers did finish a solid 4th, they really were staying afloat by the hair of their chinny chin chin all year long, and were not quite the championship powerhouse I predicted in spite of some good luck with none of their only 3 running backs missing time. This team suffered the exact same fate, and followed virtually the exact same pattern as the 2006 Mudslides, that is that what looked like a solid core of WRs ended up being completely worthless, leaving a team with an incredible stable of running backs struggling to get any points from the WR position. That left the team wildly inconsistent, relying on their running backs to put up colossal numbers for the team to put up high end points for the week.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Came out of the big 3 way trade with Portis and Roy, and now has 3 top 10 RBs
Result: Even though Roy hasn't worked out so far, the core of this trade was getting Portis for Mcgahee, which saved this team in 2008.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: No backup RBs, and no DDs should there be a need to get one
Result: This ended up not being a problem at all, as the big 3 running backs stayed healthy enough to play all year long.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: C+
While the Dealers did win their division and finish 4th overall, they still weren't as good as I made them out to be in the 2008 preseason rankings. They really weren't putting up big points all year, and actually finished 5th (basically middle of the pack) in total points scored.

Hokkaido Bears
2008 Present Ranking: D+
2008 Future Ranking: C+
2008 Overall Ranking: C
2008 Predicted Finish: 11

What I said in 2008: Outside of Tom Brady, this team looks solid, but just lacks those stud-type players that can carry teams. I see a lot of good but not great guys. I like the depth, and how there are legitimate starters at every spot including the flex, but the RBs are just too iffy for me to give a higher rating than a C here.

Apparently sometimes "iffy" works out. Forte was a monster, LenDale was a touchdown monster, and Pierre Thomas was a huge pickup. As for the lack of stud-type guys? Yeah, Warner, Forte, Boldin, and White filled that stud role pretty well.

I really believe that the Bears were the best team in the league last year. They were basically tied with the Mudslides for most points scored, and only got knocked out of the playoffs with some bad luck, losing to that same Mudslides team by a meager one point. I was higher on this team headed into the season than most, but even I was looking at the 5-7 as an upside with the 9-12 range being more likely. This team shocked everyone with how dominant they were (well, dominant for how close the standings were in the league), including me and my predictions.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Roddy White may have been the cheapest 1200/8 receiver we’ve ever seen in this league.
Result: Roddy went for 1380/7 at the cost of a couple DDs. Pretty spot on here.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: The ultimate homer trade, Marion Barber for Matt Forte. That was basically RB7 for RB20+ straight up, and the Bears basically gave away Steve Smith for free
Result: Alright, so I have to eat some crow on this one as Forte blew up and MB3 disappointed. Still though, if I trade Peyton Manning for Mark Sanchez and Sanchez outplays Manning, it still doesn't make it a good trade.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: D+
The Roddy White prediction gives me a little boost here, as does the fact that, let's be fair here, no one saw THAT big of a turnaround coming.

Hellas Hoplites
2008 Present: D+
2008 Future: D
2008 Overall: C-
2008 Predicted Finish: 12
2008 Actual Finish: 11

What I said in 2008: I underrate this team every year. Looking at the names it never impresses me, but Romulan typically finds a way to get the job done and get in the mix come the end of the year. I don’t learn from my past mistakes though, as once again I’m not very high on this squad.

Hah, for once I was right about this team. In 2008 the Hoplites had their worst year in dyNASTY, though they do look quite a bit better set for the long haul now with a pair of young RBs.

2008 Best Move Prediction: This team needed a RB badly, and they went and got one with Graham.
Result: Graham didn’t exactly fill that void…

2008 Worst Move Prediction: Moving the best player on the team with the brightest future (Edwards) for what amounted to be a handful of mediocre players.
Result: I can’t really keep track of everyone that came over as a result of this trade, but at least Edwards had a down year.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: A-
The team definitely had a down year, as I predicted, finishing 11th. It looks like I may have been off on the best/worst move predictions though.

Boston Stranglers
2008 Present: B+
2008 Future: B+
2008 Overall: B+
2008 Predicted Finish: 5
2008 Actual Finish: 1

What I said in 2008: 2008 brings another year of high expectations for the Stranglers

After underachieving (based on the preseason rankings) for years, the Stranglers finally lived up to expectations in 2008, winning the 4th annual dyNASTY championship. While my predictions for their positions of weakness were dead-on, I underestimated just how much Drew Brees would help them, and they also got a huge boost out of Derrick Ward, a signing without which this team would not have won its title. All year long they struggled with depth issues, particularly in the flex spot, but were able to make up for it with some big games out of their studs.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Getting Marion Barber on the cheap
Result: "On the cheap" ended up not being so cheap afterall, and Barber wasn't much help during the Stranglers' playoff run.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: Not asking for him to be franchised first, which ended up costing the team almost 20dd
Result: Hard to grade this one. 20dd is always nice to have, though the Stranglers still managed to plug a huge hole (Derrick Ward) with the DDs they had.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: B
Sure, I ranked them 5th and they finished 1st, but they did finish 4th in points which is right around where I ranked them. Plus I nailed their strengths and weaknesses pretty well, so I'm giving myself a mild pat on the back for this one.

County Hell Hooligans
2008 Present: A+
2008 Future: A+
2008 Overall: A+
2008 Predicted Finish: 3
2008 Actual Finish: 8

What I said in 2008: Studs at every position, and strong depth.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what happened here. The Hooligans were this year's big disappointment, getting A+'s across the board in the preseason rankings and in the end the only thing they were in competition for was a top draft pick. Mcgahee got hurt in the preseason and never got his job back, and Reggie Bush followed soon not long into the season. Braylon Edwards becoming the league's best ball dropper and Tony Romo having too much of an earful of TO to hear the playcalls didn't help either.

2008 Best Move Prediction: Getting Braylon Edwards for cash. Studs win championships.
Result: Studs also catch the ball when it hits them in the hands.

2008 Worst Move Prediction: There were better (and still cheap) options for a backup QB than Tarvaris Jackson
Result: Something to remember any time you're thinking of signing Tavaris Jackson people; there is always someone better available. Always.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: D
The 'Worst Move' prediction was about all I got right here.

Dallas WarDawgs
2008 Present: C
2008 Future: C+
2008 Overall: C
2008 Predicted Finish: 10
2008 Actual Finish: 9

What I said in 2008: "The WarDawgs are in a bit of an identity crisis"...."I just don’t see enough guys around Westbrook to make a run at the title this year."

It wasn't long before the WarDawgs seemingly realized the same thing, and dealt Westbrook in a large trade that brough in a lot of young talent. The WarDawgs were playing catch up all year, and never really did manage to catch up on the legs of many young players. We'll see what all those young-ins hold for the future though...

2008 Best Move Prediction: Getting Garrard was necessary
Result: Until he got traded...

2008 Worst Move Prediction: The big trade was kind of bad timing, after RFA had already claimed a lot of the older, proven production type guys that this team needs a few of.
Result: Not really much I can do to grade this one.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: A
Hey, for once I was pretty much right on!

Flux Capacitors
2008 Present: C+
2008 Future: B+
2008 Overall: B-
2008 Predicted Finish: 8
2008 Actual Finish: 7

What I said in 2008: Despite massive injury problems over the years, the Capacitors have been the league’s most consistent team, making the playoffs as a legit contender every year. This year, I see that changing as there are just too many question marks.

As usual, the Capacitors managed to churn out more wins than their active roster looks like they should have. Still, as I predicted, for the first time in the history of the league the Capacitors failed to make an appearance in the playoffs. They hung close in the bitter end, but missed out due to their 2-4 record. Still though, an admirable performance for what was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

2008 Best Move Prediction: I like Aaron Rodgers as a guy to take a shot on as a starter.
Result: Booya!

2008 Worst Move Prediction: While it actually seemed like a good move at the time, those 4 DDs spent on Henry would be nice to have back.
Result: Well, no magical fairy came and cleaned out Henry's bloodstream, allowing him re-instatement into the league so I guess nothing went wrong with this prediction.

Rating for 2008 Prediction: A-
I mentioned that the Capacitors would likely overachieve, but still miss the playoffs, which is basically exactly what happened, even though they compiled about 1 more win than I expected.
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Post by UNDFTD » Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:14 pm

Romulan wrote:You were spot on with my team.
He is spot on with most teams.
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Post by BMarks61 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:24 pm

hah, yeah he was almost perfect in my prediction and I thought he was way off at the time.
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Post by onnestabe » Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:29 pm

Way off on mine, but I didn't even anticipate how good my team would be last year.

I'm itching to see this year's rankings... :D
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