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Draft Pick Trading

Post by Free Bagel » Wed Apr 27, 2005 5:35 pm

From what I've seen in my experience looking around at dynasty drafts, there tends to be more draft pick trading involved than in regular drafts. Some people tend to like to stockpile a couple early picks and forgo the middle rounds while others tend to stockpile middle round picks at the expense of a couple early rounders. Since the guys you draft are guys that you're going to hypothetically have on your team for quite a while, it makes sense to move up to get them if you feel they've fallen too far and you can get them at a bargain by trading up, or if you just plain want to have them on your team for years to come.

So I felt this deserved its own post, here you'll find some of the basic rules about draft pick trading and some resources to help you.

You may contact potential trade partners however you wish, but I would like to strongly encourage contacting people through the PM system on this forum. I have tried to make contacting people through PM's as easy as possible. On both the overall roster page and each team's roster page there is a link to PM the owner of that team. That way you can immediately switch over to a PM for someone straight off of looking at their roster. That doesn't help as much with draft trades, but it's good to get in the habit now. I will be adding AIM names to the roster pages in the future.

Using the PM system will also help ensure that you don't miss out on a trade opportunity. If you rely on email someone may use the draft pick you intend to trade for prior to seeing your email. Since draft picks have to be made on this website, PM'ing someone ensures that they will see your message before they make their pick. Also please make sure that from here on out you are regularly checking these forums as to ensure that people get responses to trade talks quickly.

You have the following currently available to use in trades, and may combine them all in any way you choose:
-Draft Picks (this one is obvious)
-Players already drafted (so for example, if in the 2nd round you draft Donovan Mcnabb, and the draft is currently in the 4th round, you can trade Mcnabb for someone's 4th rounder and another player, or something like that)
-Dynasty Dollars (which have been distributed and you can find on your team's roster page and in the dynasty dollars link both found on the main page)
-2006 rookie draft picks (not sure if I would recommend this however if you're not familiar with their value yet)

You can see how many dynasty dollars you have in two places that are now both up on the website. The first is on your team roster page, which shows how many dynasty dollars you currently have. The second is by following the dynasty dollars link on the left side of the main page, which contains a record of all your transactions involving dynasty dollars.

Rember, the draft will be 20 rounds long, but there is no limit on the number of picks you must have. This means that through trading you can end up with less than 20 picks or more than 20 picks in the draft. So after the draft you could end up with only 15 players, or 25 players, or any number of players/picks, so long as you have your roster at the appropriate size prior to the roster deadlines. So if you draft less players than the minimum number required, you will have to sign enough people through free agency to fill your roster prior to the minimum roster size deadline, and if you draft more than the maximum players allowed you will have to make cuts to get down to the required roster sizes at the required times (again these deadlines are close to the start of the season, and are listed in the rules).

Here is a little tool I thought would help you guys:
Fantasy Football Draft Pick Value Calculator:

I believe that was built with redraft leagues in mind, but it certainly gives you a good idea of the value of picks and what is a good trade offer and what is not. Enjoy.

You may begin trading whenever you want, before the draft or during it.
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