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Draft Rules

Post by Free Bagel » Wed Apr 27, 2005 5:35 pm

The following explains the basic rules behind the draft.

Date: When everyone's money arrives
Rounds: 20
Max Pick Time: 24 hours
Required Number of Picks: No Limit

This essentially means the following. The draft will begin on May 7th. At that time I will make a thread for round 1 and the person with the first pick (currently MCG) can make their pick at that time by posting in that thread. Please make your picks clear, you can say a little blurb about the player here as you make the pick but save most of the comments for the draft commentary thread, the actual draft threads are for picks only. I will continue making threads for each subsequent round, so that each round of the draft has its own thread.

Each owner will have a maximum of 24 hours to make each of their picks. After that time limit expires we will skip the pick and move on to the next player, and the player who's pick was skipped can then make that pick at any time (just like the way the NFL draft works if a team *cough* Vikings *cough* surpasses their 15 minute time limit in real life).

The draft will be 20 rounds long. This allows enough picks for each team to get 18 starters and 2 developmental players. Keep in mind however that you are not required to have developmental players, so any players you do not want from the draft can be cut prior to assigning contracts to them at no cost at any time during the offseason before the contract submission deadline (not yet posted, won't be until just before the season starts). This also means that you don't have to draft developmental players. If you want, you can draft all players that are not eligible to be developmental players, and then cut whomever you decide not to keep prior to the roster size deadlines.

Again, the draft will be 20 rounds long, but there is no limit on the number of picks you must have. This means that through trading you can end up with less than 20 picks or more than 20 picks in the draft. So after the draft you could end up with only 15 players, or 25 players, or any number of players/picks, so long as you have your roster at the appropriate size prior to the roster deadlines.

Let me know if there's anything you feel I've left out.
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