And so it begins...

The official draft room for the league's inaugural draft to fill everyone's team

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And so it begins...

Post by Free Bagel » Sun May 15, 2005 2:54 pm

Well, after much waiting we're finally ready to get the draft underway. I'm gonna go ahead and unlock the round 1 thread and you guys can begin making picks when your turn comes up. Remember 24 hrs max per pick, once the 24 hrs expires the next person can jump in and take your spot.

I urge you all to go into your profile and set your timezone appropriately so that you know when 24 hours actually is. This will also be necessary in the future for setting lineups, and bidding on FA's and RFA's.

I believe due to daylight savings time right now EST time zone is GMT -4? That seems to be working out right for me I have it set on that and it says it's 4est now on the board which is accurate. That would make central GMT -5, etc. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.

Anyway, let the drafting begin! Let's try and keep this thing moving since we're getting a bit of a late start.

You may continue trading throughout the course of the draft.
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